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LoCALL examines multilingualism in ordinary places and in everyday lives. By involving both teachers and pupils in mapping local linguistic landscapes, it aims to harness the multilingualism that is all around us for language and intercultural education.

Faire bouger la classe : A la recherche du paysage linguistique auf dem VdF-Bundeskongress

By Lisa Marie Binkmann & Julia von Rosen Fais bouger le Français! war das Motto des diesjährigen Bundeskongresses der Vereinigung für deutsche Französischlehrerinnen und -lehrer am 23. und 24.09.2022. Dr. Julia von Rosen und Lisa Marie Brinkmann haben einen Atelier über ihre Zusammenarbeit des Einsatzes von Linguistic Landscapes (LL) in den Fremdsprachenunterricht, auch mit Prof.…

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Հայաստան[1]: Cultural richness in semiotic landscapes

By Sarah McMonagle and Lisa Marie Brinkmann Even the most blasé observer will be struck by Armenia’s linguistic landscapes. Written Armenian applies the Armenian alphabet – a unique writing system developed some 1600 years ago. To assist those not au fait with this script, street and informational signage is often rendered in the Latin alphabet.…

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LoCALL presented at IAM L3 in Zagreb (September 2022)

Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer and Larissa Aronin will give a talk on “The use of visual methods to envision multilingualism: epistemological, historical and methodological perspectives”, integrated in the thematic symposium “Visualizations of Multilingualism”, at the IAM L3 in Zagreb. Linguistic Landscapes, alongside Visual Narratives, Dominant Language Constellations and the Material Culture of Multilingualism will be presented and…

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GREIP PhD candidate awarded mobility grant with LoCALL PI

PhD student Klaudia Kruszynska will be hosted at Universiät Hamburg (Germany) and will be working with our colleague, Dr. Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer. Klaudia is doing her research on the pedagogical application of linguistic landscapes (LL) for raising students’ critical thinking and higher order thinking skills and her stay will certainly be beneficial for advancing her work.…

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