Training week: Linguistic landscapes in the context of multilingual education

With a total of 63 participants, three guest speakers and the active participation of the whole LoCALL team, the Training week was carried out from the 8th to 12th June 2020 via a digital platform. It was organised by the LoCALL team from the University of Groningen | Campus Fryslân in mutual collaboration with the partner universities. The event aimed to offer the participants in-depth insights into linguistic landscape research and its application in pedagogical settings. Additionally, the design of the activities was oriented to engage the participants in critical discussions about the use of linguistic landscapes in the classroom and the integration of pupils’ multilingual repertoires in the implementation of the linguistic landscapes’ modules. Participants also actively commented on the LoCALL modules that have been developed so far.

We offered the possibility to explore and discuss with local professionals how they and their pupils carried out activities and research using linguistic landscapes. Additionally, the participants could see how different tools can complement and diversify classroom activities (e.g. online games, videos, presentations, etc.).

We designed a program that included tasks to be conducted before the training week started and that gave our participants the possibility to gain a general overview of the week’s topic. In addition, at the beginning of the week we encouraged the reading and analysis of academic papers that provided the participants with general content of the approaches that guided our work with the schools and methodologies to analyse linguistics landscapes. During the week, participants’ active participation through the creation of specific content was encouraged and they could participate in a Webinar with talks about the linguistic landscapes’ topic by renowned guest speakers: Danièle Moore, Alice Chik and Larisa Aronin.

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