Conference: Shifting Linguistic Landscapes

A new terrain for multilingual and transcultural pedagogies

The University of Calgary organises an on-line conference on linguistic landscapes and equitable pedagogies on the 26th April. Registration is free but mandatory.

The LoCALL project will be presented by S. Melo-Pfeifer, who is giving the talk “Linguistic landscapes in the foreign language classroom: A pathway to multilingual pedagogies and teacher professional development” (click here to register).

Other presenters include Dr. Ofelia Garcia, Dr. Gail Prasad, Dr. Marie-Paule Lory, Dr. Burcu Yaman Nteliouglou, Dr. Bonny Norton, Dr. Jacqueline D’warte, Dr. Patriann Smith, Dr. Guofang Li, Dr. Raúl Alberto Mora, and Dr. Luciana C de Oliveira. 

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