Linguistic Landscapes in English Language Teaching Project: book release

Linguistic Landscapes in English Language Teaching” (LLinELT) project was carried out in 2019-2020 in a multitude of English language teaching and learning contexts in both face-to-face and online spaces. It was coordinated by Dicle University (Turkey) and Texas Christian University (United States) and supported through a grant by US Embassy Turkey. The project emerged from the idea that LLs as materials can be particularly useful because; they are everywhere, they generally reflect sociocultural and linguistic diversity of a community, they exemplify symbols and signs featuring language play, and they provide quotidian examples of the presence of English language in non-English settings. The ultimate goal of the project was to present opportunities for teachers and teacher candidates to learn and practice integrating LL-based materials into their classes, and thus create a safe atmosphere for learners to discuss issues related to globalization, global citizenship, English as a Lingua Franca, and translanguaging/language play, and engage them in meaningful real-life tasks.

We would like to share that our project book titled “Linguistic Landscapes in English Language Teaching: A Pedagogical Guidebook” is out now! The interactive book is consisted of eight sections, each of which features either theoretical or practical information about the introduction and implementation of Linguistic Landscape-centered activities in English language classrooms. Although some of the resources created by EFL teacher candidates and LL-based classroom practices shared by EFL teachers are specifically developed for English language teaching and learning contexts, the materials and ideas put forward in this book can be adapted into different L2 teaching and learning settings. Overall, the book includes the following;

  • An introductory piece about the project and the concept of LL
  • Two articles focusing on the literacies-centered pedagogical model to integrate LL into L2 teaching and learning contexts
  • 29 literacies-based sample LL lessons developed by EFL teacher candidates
  • 18 LL-inclusive classroom practices presented by in-service EFL teachers
  • Abstracts and presentation videos of three keynote talks and two panels delivered at the Digital Symposium
  • 11 mini research papers written by pre-service EFL teachers as part of an educational project titled “Linguistic Landscape of My City”
  • 18 databases which can be used for educational LL purposes
  • A bibliography featuring selected linguistic landscape and schoolscapes references

You can click here to access the page, where you can download the book for free. We hope that you can find it useful and inspiring for your own pedagogical practices.

We would also like to mention that we have created a freely accessible and categorized a database of Linguistic Landscape images, which features nearly 1000 LL images that can be pedagogically employed in EFL classrooms. The project also brought together English as a foreign language teachers and teacher candidates at events such as seminars, workshops, and webinars. Following these educational series, volunteering EFL teacher candidates developed lesson plans and LL-inclusive materials. Finally, we organized a Digital Symposium on Linguistic Landscapes in Second Language Teaching and Learning (L2TL) Contexts, The symposium featured three keynote talks, two panels and multiple presentations by English language teachers and teacher candidates. All the presentations from the symposium are available on the project’s YouTube channel.

A screenshot from the LLinELT Project Image Database Gallery

You can contact Osman Solmaz if you have any questions, comments, or feedback about the project or the book.

Osman Solmaz, Ph.D.,

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