LoCALL App available on Google Play and App Store

The LoCALL App, one of the intellectual outputs of the LoCALL project, under the responsibility of the University of Aveiro, is already available free of charge in the main application stores for mobile devices.

The App (pre visualisation).

The LoCALL App is an educational resource that invites students, teachers and the community to “read” and explore LL, while playing a multiple-choice question game.

Using a web platform, students and teachers create routes with several points of interest associated with Linguistic landscapes of their city, build questions about these points of interest, as well as add answer options and feedback. Using the App that runs on a mobile device, users can play the games created for a given route.

The App. Choosing a game.

The App was conceived with the support of the multimedia and design company Criamagin, and is currently being tested by students and teachers in the project’s partner cities. Do you want to know how to install the App? Check the following video:

LoCALL App on Google Play:


LoCALL App on App Store:


LoCALL App web platform: http://locallproject.web.ua.pt/

18.06.2021, by Mónica Lourenço,
University of Aveiro

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