Dissemination event: Educating for 21st century challenges – sustainability and linguistic and cultural diversity

(16-18 February 2022 / Online)

The first decades of the 21st century have been marked by a series of social, environmental, political and economic crises that have affected communities and individuals around the world, particularly the most vulnerable. More than ever, humanity is called upon to collectively change the trajectory of a civilizational journey that has brought us to the limits of human and environmental unsustainability. In order to follow a path that is more aligned with the essence of what we are and what surrounds us, it is essential to invest in transformative education and in schools that are actual spaces for dialogue, openness to the Other and democratic participation. Educators, teachers and teacher educators are therefore called upon to commit to a more inclusive and equitable education to contribute to a more sustainable world.

In the light of this context, this event aims to promote reflection around sustainability and linguistic and cultural diversity in the times and spaces of education and training, bringing together different actors (educators, teachers, teacher educators, researchers and institutional and political decision-makers) who will address purposes, contents, strategies and resources to be used in (teacher) education programs. What is sought is an articulation between local and global issues educational actors are dealing with, in order to consolidate partnerships that can contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda (https://unric.org/pt/objetivos-de-desenvolvimento-sustentavel/).

At the center of the event is the work developed within two Erasmus + projects: TEDS – Teacher Education for Sustainability.  Schools Educating for Sustainability: Proposals for and from In-Service Teacher Education (http://teds.web.ua.pt/) and LoCALL – Local Linguistic Landscapes for Global Language Education in the School Context (https://locallproject.eu/).

In what concerns the TEDS project, an education framework for sustainability will be presented, as well as teacher education programs for educators and teachers and projects developed by trainees in their school contexts at different levels of education.

As for the LoCALL project, we will share research results and resources developed by the project team in collaboration with teachers and students as part of an interdisciplinary work to explore linguistic landscapes, which establishes bridges between the school and informal learning spaces.

The event will be attended by national and international speakers and participants who will reflect on concrete experiences and resources around the following issues:

  • What challenges and possibilities do pre-service and in-service teachers and teacher educators face nowadays?
  • What is the role of educational actors and institutional and political decision-makers in building more inclusive and sustainable communities and societies?
  • How can we educate for sustainability, including issues of linguistic and cultural diversity?
  • How can we design and put into practice proposals that have an impact on the practices of educators, teachers and teacher educators, fostering an education for sustainability at local and global levels?

Participation in the event is free but registration is mandatory at this link until 14 February 2022. Please check the program here.

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