Gökçe Gök (Isparta Süleyman Demirel University) reflects on her experience with LoCALL during an international conference

In her presentation at the 14th METU International ELT Convention, Gökçe Gök, a fourth-grade BA student at the English Language Teaching Department at Suleyman Demirel University (Turkey), will introduce ‘Local Linguistic Landscapes’, and its’ relationship with Global Education in Foreign Language classrooms. In the context of this topic, the presenter will introduce the Erasmus-Plus project LoCALL and her reflections on the Training Week which was held on between 31st May and 4th June 2021 in the scope of that project (organised by the University of Strasbourg).

In a talk entitled “”Local Linguistic Landscapes in Foreign Language Education: Reflections from an Erasmus Project”, Gökçe Gök will discuss why diversity and socio-cultural awareness are important and how and why linguistic landscapes and cultures should be integrated into foreign language education. The introduction, discussions, and reflections from the Erasmus LoCALL Project will be integrated into the session with the permission of this project’s organizers.  

Presentation of the conference.

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