LoCALL wins second prize of the European Language Label

The European Language Label (ELL) Award is coordinated by the European Commission and rewards innovative projects in language teaching, learning and promotion, while bringing these initiatives to the attention of the public along with professionals in the languages field. The Label aims to advance language education by rewarding creative and original initiatives to promote language education and language development in foreign languages, as well as in other languages.

Today, during the annual conference of the Dutch association for modern languages, our LoCALL project was awarded by the jury the second prize of this year’s edition.  According to the jury’s report: “The second prize concerns a project with international collaboration, this time between teachers, students and researchers from five European countries: LoCall (Local Linguistic Landscapes for Global Language Education)”, with the University of Groningen. The project developed a range of products, such as an app and concrete lesson activities, that teachers can use to make pupils aware of their multilingual environment. By exploring the language landscape at school and beyond, pupils come into contact with different languages ​​and cultures in a playful way and develop their intercultural awareness. With this focus and because the project transcends the boundaries of the classroom, this project also fits in well with this year’s theme. In addition to Dutch, the materials are also available in English and French, for example, so they can be widely used in language education.”

The LoCALL team is extremely honoured by this distinction and thanks the jury for the acknowledgment of our contribution to language equation across Europe. 

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