LoCALL at the international conference “Multilingual Linguistic Landscapes: Perspectives on Franco-Creole and German-speaking cases”, in Vienna.

Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer & Lisa Marie Brinkmann present a communication on German teachers’ beliefs about the integration of LL in the foreign language classroom. The talk is called “‘In everyday teaching life it means you have to make time for it’:teachers’ beliefs on the use of Linguistic Landscapes as pedagogical tools” and aims at reflecting on the tensions that characterise the relationship between teachers’ beliefs and actions in the field of multilingual pedagogies, in general, and in the field of linguistic landscapes, specifically.

The conference is organised by Elissa Pustka (Universität Wien), Yannick Bosquet (University of Mauritius) & Guilhem Florigny (University of Mauritius) and takes place at the University of Vienna on 7 and 8 December 2023.

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