Keynote speakers confirmed for the on-line LoCALL training week (June 6-10, 2022)

Keynotes Durk Gorter: “Multilingual education and the linguistic landscape studies” Lukas Eibensteiner: “Gamifying Virtual Linguistic Landscapes: Educational Escape Rooms as a Pedagogical Tool to Raise Language Awareness”. Mariana Ribeiro Clemente: “Linguistic landscape in education – displaying the playfulness, designing the poetry of the sociolinguistics of writing”. Sarah McMonagle: “Virtual Linguistic Landscapes: Where do we evenContinue reading “Keynote speakers confirmed for the on-line LoCALL training week (June 6-10, 2022)”

LoCALL researchers participate in INTED 2022

On March 7 and 8, 2022, Margarida M. Marques presented at the 16th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference, a communication co-authored with Lúcia Pombo. The communication, entitled “Mobile learning supporting linguistic landscapes exploration: Students and teachers as game creators”, presents a study of mixed methods on a project-based learning initiative that integrates mobileContinue reading “LoCALL researchers participate in INTED 2022”

5th Online Training Week Ends Successfully

The online training week for the LoCALL project, hosted by the UAB team was completed last week (from the 21st to the 25th February). The training week focus was on interdisciplinary perspective on Linguistic Landscapes, with 42 registered participants from many countries around the world. The first day began with a general presentation of theContinue reading “5th Online Training Week Ends Successfully”

Dissemination event: Educating for 21st century challenges – sustainability and linguistic and cultural diversity

(16-18 February 2022 / Online) The first decades of the 21st century have been marked by a series of social, environmental, political and economic crises that have affected communities and individuals around the world, particularly the most vulnerable. More than ever, humanity is called upon to collectively change the trajectory of a civilizational journey thatContinue reading “Dissemination event: Educating for 21st century challenges – sustainability and linguistic and cultural diversity”

Call for Papers: The 13th Linguistic Landscape Workshop

The annual Linguistic Landscape Workshop is the leading international meeting for interdisciplinary research on language in public space. Previous editions have been held in Gothenburg (online 2021), Bangkok (2019), Bern (2018), Liverpool (2017), Luxembourg (2016), Berkeley (2015), and elsewhere. The 13th Linguistic Landscape Workshop (LL13) will take place on 7–9 September 2022 at Universität Hamburg,Continue reading “Call for Papers: The 13th Linguistic Landscape Workshop”

LoCALL in Talks for Ideas 2021/2022

“IDEAS para fomentar la diversidad lingüística en el aprendizaje de una lenguaextranjera” (18.11.2021, 4.30 PM CET)Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Eibensteiner, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena En la comunicación “IDEAS para fomentar la diversidad lingüística en el aprendizaje de una lengua extranjera” analizaremos el potencial de los medios digitales para fomentar la diversidad lingüística (tanto en lenguas de herencia, comoContinue reading “LoCALL in Talks for Ideas 2021/2022”

LoCALL fait la fête… de la science!

Avec des sessions en-ligne et en présentiel, l’équipe LoCALL de Strasbourg et l’enseignante du Collège Henri Meck de Molsheim, Sonia Cadi, présentent le projet LoCALL dans la fête de la science, le 1er octobre 2021! Les sessions, intitulées “A la découverte des paysages linguistiques avec le projet Erasmus+ LoCALL“, visent à présenter le travail deContinue reading “LoCALL fait la fête… de la science!”

August 2021: LoCALL is the project of the month in the Faculty of Education (Universität Hamburg)

As part of the strategy of communication and dissemination of science produced at the Faculty of Education of the University of Hamburg, the “project of the month” initiative aims to give visibility to the projects developed at the institution. In August 2021, LoCALL got the nomination… Read more under: