GREIP PhD candidate awarded mobility grant with LoCALL PI

PhD student Klaudia Kruszynska will be hosted at Universiät Hamburg (Germany) and will be working with our colleague, Dr. Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer. Klaudia is doing her research on the pedagogical application of linguistic landscapes (LL) for raising students’ critical thinking and higher order thinking skills and her stay will certainly be beneficial for advancing her work.Continue reading “GREIP PhD candidate awarded mobility grant with LoCALL PI”

Multiplier event, 7 de julio de 2022 Online 16-20h (Barcelona) 14-18h UTC

Catalan: Aquest esdeveniment és d’interès per a professorat en actiu i en formació,responsables polítics i investigadors interessats en estratègies, materials i eines quepromoguin l’exploració de l’entorn lingúïstic local i interessats en tenir idees percrear activitats que desenvolupin les competències lingüístiques vinculades a lesúltimes directrius curriculars. Programa. Spanish: Este evento es de interés para profesorado enContinue reading “Multiplier event, 7 de julio de 2022 Online 16-20h (Barcelona) 14-18h UTC”

Conférence du Jardin des Sciences: « Découvrons ensemble le paysage linguistique de Molsheim », par Sonia Cadi

Sous l’œil attentif des habitués et de quelques curieux, Latisha Mary, Andrea Young, Maria Siemushyna de L’INSPÉ de (Institut national supérieur du professorat et de l’éducation) et Sonia Cadi (professeur de lettres) accompagnée d’élèves de 3ème 2 du collège Henri Meck de Molsheim, ont présenté jeudi 28 avril salle de la Monnaie un travail mené dansContinue reading “Conférence du Jardin des Sciences: « Découvrons ensemble le paysage linguistique de Molsheim », par Sonia Cadi”

Gökçe Gök (Isparta Süleyman Demirel University) reflects on her experience with LoCALL during an international conference

In her presentation at the 14th METU International ELT Convention, Gökçe Gök, a fourth-grade BA student at the English Language Teaching Department at Suleyman Demirel University (Turkey), will introduce ‘Local Linguistic Landscapes’, and its’ relationship with Global Education in Foreign Language classrooms. In the context of this topic, the presenter will introduce the Erasmus-Plus projectContinue reading “Gökçe Gök (Isparta Süleyman Demirel University) reflects on her experience with LoCALL during an international conference”

Keynote speakers confirmed for the on-line LoCALL training week (June 6-10, 2022)

Keynotes Durk Gorter: “Multilingual education and the linguistic landscape studies” Lukas Eibensteiner: “Gamifying Virtual Linguistic Landscapes: Educational Escape Rooms as a Pedagogical Tool to Raise Language Awareness”. Mariana Ribeiro Clemente: “Linguistic landscape in education – displaying the playfulness, designing the poetry of the sociolinguistics of writing”. Sarah McMonagle: “Virtual Linguistic Landscapes: Where do we evenContinue reading “Keynote speakers confirmed for the on-line LoCALL training week (June 6-10, 2022)”

LoCALL researchers participate in INTED 2022

On March 7 and 8, 2022, Margarida M. Marques presented at the 16th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference, a communication co-authored with Lúcia Pombo. The communication, entitled “Mobile learning supporting linguistic landscapes exploration: Students and teachers as game creators”, presents a study of mixed methods on a project-based learning initiative that integrates mobileContinue reading “LoCALL researchers participate in INTED 2022”

Dissemination event: Educating for 21st century challenges – sustainability and linguistic and cultural diversity

(16-18 February 2022 / Online) The first decades of the 21st century have been marked by a series of social, environmental, political and economic crises that have affected communities and individuals around the world, particularly the most vulnerable. More than ever, humanity is called upon to collectively change the trajectory of a civilizational journey thatContinue reading “Dissemination event: Educating for 21st century challenges – sustainability and linguistic and cultural diversity”

Call for Papers: The 13th Linguistic Landscape Workshop

The annual Linguistic Landscape Workshop is the leading international meeting for interdisciplinary research on language in public space. Previous editions have been held in Gothenburg (online 2021), Bangkok (2019), Bern (2018), Liverpool (2017), Luxembourg (2016), Berkeley (2015), and elsewhere. The 13th Linguistic Landscape Workshop (LL13) will take place on 7–9 September 2022 at Universität Hamburg,Continue reading “Call for Papers: The 13th Linguistic Landscape Workshop”

LoCALL in Talks for Ideas 2021/2022

“IDEAS para fomentar la diversidad lingüística en el aprendizaje de una lenguaextranjera” (18.11.2021, 4.30 PM CET)Jun.-Prof. Dr. Lukas Eibensteiner, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena En la comunicación “IDEAS para fomentar la diversidad lingüística en el aprendizaje de una lengua extranjera” analizaremos el potencial de los medios digitales para fomentar la diversidad lingüística (tanto en lenguas de herencia, comoContinue reading “LoCALL in Talks for Ideas 2021/2022”

LoCALL fait la fête… de la science!

Avec des sessions en-ligne et en présentiel, l’équipe LoCALL de Strasbourg et l’enseignante du Collège Henri Meck de Molsheim, Sonia Cadi, présentent le projet LoCALL dans la fête de la science, le 1er octobre 2021! Les sessions, intitulées “A la découverte des paysages linguistiques avec le projet Erasmus+ LoCALL“, visent à présenter le travail deContinue reading “LoCALL fait la fête… de la science!”

August 2021: LoCALL is the project of the month in the Faculty of Education (Universität Hamburg)

As part of the strategy of communication and dissemination of science produced at the Faculty of Education of the University of Hamburg, the “project of the month” initiative aims to give visibility to the projects developed at the institution. In August 2021, LoCALL got the nomination… Read more under:

LoCALL présenté au congrès EDILIC

Le projet LoCALL sera représenté lors du 9ème Congrès International de l’Association EDILIC, entre le 6 et le 9 Juillet 2021, sur le thème « Approches plurielles, compétences plurilingues, appropriations langagières : l’apprenant.e au centre des réalités éducatives ». Le 6 Juillet, membres des équipes d’Aveiro et de Strasbourg dynamisent deux ateliers sur l’App LoCALL (« Exploring LinguisticContinue reading “LoCALL présenté au congrès EDILIC”

LoCALL Webinars in the 3rd training week (31st May – 2nd June 2021)

The 3rd LoCALL training week will welcome four specialists on linguistic landscapes in education: Hélot, Ch. (2021). Linguistic Landscapes in Educational Contexts: Recent research. 31st May 2021. Bagna, C. &  Bellinzona, M. (2021). Italian schoolscapes in the 21st century: languages and functions of school spaces. 1st June 2021. Hancock, A. (2021). Using Linguistic Landscapes asContinue reading “LoCALL Webinars in the 3rd training week (31st May – 2nd June 2021)”

Linguistic Landscapes in English Language Teaching Project: book release

“Linguistic Landscapes in English Language Teaching” (LLinELT) project was carried out in 2019-2020 in a multitude of English language teaching and learning contexts in both face-to-face and online spaces. It was coordinated by Dicle University (Turkey) and Texas Christian University (United States) and supported through a grant by US Embassy Turkey. The project emerged fromContinue reading “Linguistic Landscapes in English Language Teaching Project: book release”

Registrations open for the 3rd LoCALL training week

The training week will take place between the 31st May and the 4th June, organised by the University of Strasbourg. Latisha Mary, Maria Siemushyna and Andrea Young prepared a rich program encompassing webinars, practical workshops and e-visits to schools working with LL (check document for full program). Stay tuned and register to participate. Registration formContinue reading “Registrations open for the 3rd LoCALL training week”

Conference: Shifting Linguistic Landscapes

A new terrain for multilingual and transcultural pedagogies The University of Calgary organises an on-line conference on linguistic landscapes and equitable pedagogies on the 26th April. Registration is free but mandatory. The LoCALL project will be presented by S. Melo-Pfeifer, who is giving the talk “Linguistic landscapes in the foreign language classroom: A pathwayContinue reading “Conference: Shifting Linguistic Landscapes”

A retrospective: 2nd Online Training Week of the project LoCALL

Between the 18th and 22nd of January 2021, an online training week took place, within the Erasmus+ LoCALL project – Locall Linguistic Landscapes for Global Language Education in the School Context. The training week consisted of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, using Google Classroom and other platforms and tools (Padlet, Perusall, zoom,…). Among the activities developed,Continue reading “A retrospective: 2nd Online Training Week of the project LoCALL”

Was kann man auf der Straße über Sprachen lernen? LoCALL goes to school

In der Woche vom 18.-22.01.2021 stellen Lisa Marie Brinkmann und Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer Linguistic Landscapes im Rahmen von LoCALL bei der Veranstaltung “Wir wollen’s wissen” vor. Die Veranstaltung richtet sich an Schulen, die den Kontakt zur Wissenschaft suchen. In unserem Fall werden wir Linguistic Landscapes in drei verschiedenen Klassen (Philosophie, Spanisch und Deutsch) vorstellen und mitContinue reading “Was kann man auf der Straße über Sprachen lernen? LoCALL goes to school”

LoCALL auf dem 12. Frankoromanistentag

Am 25.09.20 fand der 12. Frankoromanistentag digital statt, auf dem wir LoCALL vorstellen konnten. In der Sektion “Der Französischunterricht an der Kreuzung unterschiedlicher Forschungsrichtungen: “Sprache” durch digitale Medien sichtbar machen” stellt die Integration von Linguistic Landscapes im Französischunterricht einen wichtigen Beitrag dar. Dafür haben Lisa Marie Brinkmann und Sílvia Melo-Pfeifer einen Vortrag über die LehrkräfteperspektiveContinue reading “LoCALL auf dem 12. Frankoromanistentag”

LoCALL visits Curitiba on September 1st

LoCALL will be present at the Seminar on Studies on Plurilingualism, organised by Francisco Calvo del Olmo, with an on-line presentation called “Paisagens Linguísticas e Promoção da Consciência Plurilingue: perspectivas sociolinguísticas e didáticas”, on September 1st (2020). The event is promoted by the Universidade Federal do Paraná (Brazil).

Training week: Linguistic landscapes in the context of multilingual education

With a total of 63 participants, three guest speakers and the active participation of the whole LoCALL team, the Training week was carried out from the 8th to 12th June 2020 via a digital platform. It was organised by the LoCALL team from the University of Groningen | Campus Fryslân in mutual collaboration with theContinue reading “Training week: Linguistic landscapes in the context of multilingual education”

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