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1 – Linguistic Landscapes are talking

2 – What LoCALL is all about?


1 – Work in Progress

2 – Work in Progress

Work in Progress


Episode 1 – A young teacher talks about her first LL experience

Laura Capdevila describes her first experiences with linguistic landscapes in the school context (download the transcript).

Episode 3 – What can we learn from LL activities? Pupils’ voices

Mònica López gives her students place to remember and reflect on what can be done and learnt with LL, even at home 🙂

Episode 5 – LL im Unterricht: Wirkung auf die Lernenden und Umsetzung in Pandemiezeiten

Episode 7 – Paisatges lingüístics escolars: reflexions de mestres en formació

Mestres en formació aporten reflexions sobre una activitat creativa feta a classe en la qual van repensar i recrear aspectes del paisatge lingüístic de les seves escoles de pràctiques (Authors: Irene Calderer, Júlia Llompart & Emilee Moore)

Episode 2 – Mònica López and her pupils recall their work on LL in primary school

Mònica López and her students from a 6th grade in Barcelona remember the classroom activities on LL during the pandemic.

Episode 4 – A PL na prática pedagógica: vozes de duas professoras em formação

Entrevista às estudantes de Aveiro, Maria Beatriz e Rosalba, sobre as suas experiências com PL durante o estágio pedagógico

Episode 6 – Highlights und Herausforderungen in der Umsetzung von LL im Französischunterric


1 – The value of focusing in other languages, by Klaudia Kruszynska

(download the transcript)

2 – Getting students to be more aware of the LL around them, by Mónica L. Vera

(download the transcript)


1 – LoCAL App – Accessing and registering

In this video, we will show you how to create a game in the interface of the platform, to explore the linguistic landscape of a city or of multiple cities. If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to

3. Dowload the App from Google Play

2 – LocALL App – Creating a game

In this video, we will show you how to create a game for the LoCALL App. If you have any questions or comments to share with us, please send an email to

4. Download the App from App Store

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